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We at Rockstar Service Apartments, are a dedicated team of investors committed to providing a delightful stay to our guests in our Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai at the lowest rent, without the involvement of any middlemen. 

Unlike our competitors, who deal in acquired properties, we offer you an Entire apartment at a tariff lower than what other companies charge for a single room. We do not provide rooms like hotels, we WELCOME YOU HOME. Our apartments are beautifully furnished with a fully functional kitchen which will give you the feeling of  ‘Home Sweet Home’. 

Our service apartments are approved by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). Hence, they are absolutely safe for families, tourists, students, and business travelers.

Rockstar Service Apartments are located in prime western suburbs of Mumbai such as Malad, Goregaon, Andheri, and Kandivali. Our apartments are easily accessible from any part of the city and are well connected to business centers, shopping malls, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Our Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai have been created with a distinctive concept and style.


Bliss Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Goregaon East

This service apartment in Goregaon, Mumbai makes you step into a whole new world of Ecstasy. Feel on top of the world as you watch a million sparks light up on the horizon in the evening. Watching the sun rise from the apartment will make you feel as if the world is blooming for a new day. Your stay in this apartment will take your soul on a ride of excitement and blissfulness
Awarded the best budget service apartment in Mumbai .

Mystic Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Goregaon East

This service apartment in Goregaon, Mumbai has a mystical feel to it. Enjoy your moments as you dive into the pool of peace amid the mystical environment watching the clouds melt onto the lofty mountains.

Serenity Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Goregaon East

The feel in this service apartment in Goregaon, Mumbai is serene, reinforcing the core of goodness of peaceful life. The calmness of the atmosphere, watching the sun kissed morning and the star gazed nights from the cascading windows will relax you in ways beyond imagination.

Dream Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Malad West

Stay in this service apartment in Malad, Mumbai feels like CHRISTMAS DREAM …..that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. It may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance — A day in which we experience real spirit of joy at heart.

Heritage Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Malad West

Artfully inspired from the rich heritage of India, this service apartment in Malad , Mumbai has a Magical touch of Indian culture and traditions. It gives our guests an unforgettable experience of ethnic style of India.

Aladdin Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Malad West

Named Aladdin apartment for it’s fairy tale charm that is mesmerizing. The Aladdin fairytale showcases infinite strength and wealth that comes from within. Belief in yourself is your best possession. Your stay in Aladdin apartment will take you on a delightful magic carpet ride. Embark on this journey of enchantment as you step into a whole new world of magic, dreams and ecstasy. This service apartment in Malad reconnects our soul with the child in us, refreshing our faith in the innocence and beauty of life.

Angel Rose Service Apartment:

(1 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Malad West

Believe in Angels. They make dreams come true. From ancient times the rose speaks of LOVE silently in a language known only to the heart. The rose whispers passion and dedication. This classic service apartment in Malad has a blend of Angels, roses and colors, depicts power of angels, divine love, and purity of heart filled with love, positivity and prayers.

Boutique Service Apartment:

(2 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)
Location: Andheri West

Featuring premium amenities and a tranquil setting, this service apartment in Andheri, Mumbai is uniquely designed to be both smart and luxurious. All guest rooms offer inspiring touches of elegance and sophistication.

Paradise Service Apartment:

(2 BHK budget service apartment in Mumbai)

Location: Kandivali West

Paradise apartment is a heavenly abode. This service apartment in Kandivali, Mumbai is simply a space of paradisiacal interiors. The perfect combination of colors, horses, and angels will take you on another level of joy and peace. Positivity and delight flow through the walls of this apartment. Located on a higher floor, Paradise apartment offers a panoramic view of the western suburbs. It is an ideal apartment for large families who wish to stay together and experience the wonders of Mumbai.


Rockstar Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai




MALAD a beautiful residential area in the western suburbs of Mumbai is probably one of the best areas of Mumbai. You will find cosmopolitan crowd from all parts of India living peacefully in Malad, Mumbai. Mindspace in Malad is a business hub of international call centers, domestic call centers and big banks having offices and residences of international standard. Most of the buildings in this zone of Malad belong to Raheja group and the construction quality is fabulous. Residential areas like Evershine Nagar in Malad are one of the best and have 24 hours Gyms for the fitness enthusiasts who cannot find time during the day. There are numerous lip-smacking food outlets in Malad ranging from Mumbai famous street food pav bhaji and Vada Pav to star restaurants which are open round the clock. There are plenty of day-night medical shops and hospitals on the link road, Malad and it is the safest area in regards to medical safety. Every street in Malad has hygienic tiffin centers most appropriate for working youngsters who cook only breakfast at Home and decide to order dinner from outside but prefer Homemade food. If your houses are Blessed with a fully equipped kitchen, many reasonable cooks in Malad can be employed on a daily or monthly basis. Since Malad is one of the oldest and safest areas of Mumbai with the most modern set up of malls, business offices and shopping centers it is a perfect blend of modernism and touch of traditions and culture. Malad proudly boasts about its amazing malls and shopping outlets which are a great way to spend your time on a lazy day or when you have to shop your heart out. The timezones in the malls of Malad are simply superb for children and even for the kid inside you. From table games, bowling, family games, action games, virtual reality to an in-house roller coaster, your experience will surely overwhelm your day. So if it is too sunny outside and you do not want to miss the fun of Mumbai then head to these amazing malls in Malad west and rock your day. Malad truly lives the proverb ‘THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS.’


Chota Kashmir in Goragaon Mumbai

Goregaon in Mumbai is well known for Nesco – the biggest exhibition center of Mumbai. There are hundreds of people from all around the country visiting Nesco, Goregaon, every month for exhibitions in various fields. Oberoi Mall, one of the best malls in Mumbai is located in Goregaon East. It is home to all the big brands and you can go on a crazy brand spree in Oberoi mall, Goregaon East. The hub mall in Goregaon has a multiplex and a food zone for enjoying with family. Goregaon East is undoubtedly the most beautiful and oxygen-enriched area of Mumbai as it has Aarey colony which is the lungs of Mumbai. Chota Kashmir in Aarey colony, Goregaon is a must-visit for every tourist. If you are a lover of nature then Aarey colony is a place which you will fall in love with. The feeling of mother nature amid the hustle-bustle of the fast-paced city of Mumbai is beyond words. Various variety of food restaurants like north Indian, south Indian, Chinese and Lebanese are available in Goregaon. Food delivery is also quick and efficient till about midnight. Local food like vada pav, bhajia, omlette pav is available in the Royal Palms, Goregaon East market. Doctors on-call, Medical facilities, grocery on call, home delivery of vegetables and fruits, and a supermarket is available in Goregaon. The panoramic view from the Rockstar apartment overlooking the gigantic mountains, stunning Powai lake, and the open blue sky will take you on cloud nine. Aarey Colony, Goregaon is keeping Mumbai the city of dreams alive with unbeatable greenery and unpolluted air. Royal Palms, Goregaon is your chance to escape life while being in the heart of Mumbai.


Lokhandwala Market, Andheri West ,Mumbai

Andheri is the heart of Mumbai and is considered to be full of life with socials and many family clubs in the area. Andheri is the safest and best area of Mumbai when it come to restaurants or nightlife. Andheri west is very close to Juhu beach and Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mandir which are famous tourists destinations. Andheri is a 15 mins drive from Juhu, the most posh area of Mumbai, home to big Bollywood actors, greatest among them being Amitabh Bacchan. Andheri Lokhandwala is one of the lavish areas of Mumbai and the best of Western suburbs. The Lokhandwala market of Andheri West, Mumbai has attracted tourists and shopaholics from all parts of the world. Lokhandwala market is very famous trendy clothes, fun food joints, and traditional wear. Do not miss the chance of visiting Lokhandwala market Andheri. If not in the mood of spending… window shopping is also a good idea. Andheri west is also home to several luxurious food chains from all around the world. No matter what kind of food you want to eat, you will get it in Andheri Lokhandwala. There are also many shopping malls and stores where you can shop your heart out. Andheri also has brilliant desert outlets where you can indulge in a guilty pleasure. You will surely fall in Love with Andheri as it lives true to the words ‘ Magical Mumbai ‘



Kandivali is a very decent and reasonable area of Mumbai. People of all religions stay amicably in Kandivali west. Shopping malls, restaurants, and shops are in plenty in this area. Kandivali is majorly a residential area with families so is very quiet and peaceful in the nights. But since Kandivali west is very close to Malad Link road, you will only be 15 mins away from your midnight snack outlet at Mindspace, Malad. Kandivali is the next station to Malad the heart of western suburbs of Mumbai. The travel time in a train is 10 mins from Malad station to Kandivali station. It takes around 20 minutes to cover the distance from Malad link road to Kandivali west by road. Kandivali West is connected to link road of Malad. Kandivali has a lot of supermarkets, provision stores, vegetable and fruit markets and 24 hours medical stores. There are 24 hours Gyms, work out and weight training centers in the vicinity. Life is simple and beautiful in Kandivali West, Mumbai

Interesting things and unknown facts
about Malad

1. Malad has a railway station on the Western side of the Mumbai Suburban … It was built in the year 1972.
2. Malwani, Malad is the place of St. Anthony’s Church which is even older than the Our lady of Lourdes Church in Orlem. which was made in 1875.
3. The section of coast south of the Marve beach is within I.N.S Hamla, a campus of the Indian Navy and has restricted entry. South of I.N.S Hamla is Aksa beach, a well known and celebrated beach amongst the tourists in Malad area
4. Marve beach is the northernmost beach In Mumbai and is most renowned as a site for Ganesh Visarjan during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is also a jetty from where ferryboats travel to the opposite Manori jetty and to Essel World, Water Kingdom, and the Global Vipassana Pagoda.
5. Next to Chincholi Bunder, there is a market called Somwar (Monday) Bazaar, situated in the Chincholi area. As the name proposes, this bazaar is operational only on Mondays. The locality is named on the Somwar bazaar. Exclusive products are sold at these markets by sellers from various parts of the state of Maharashtra.
6. Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce and Economics in Malad is the oldest commerce college in the western (beyond Andheri) suburbs of Mumbai. It was established in the year 1972.
7. In the 19th century, Malad comprised a number of townships including Orlem(also known as Valnai), Kharodi, Rathodi, Malwani, Marve, Aksa, Madh, and Chinchowli.
8. In 1934, Bombay Talkies, the first film house to be established in India, was founded in Malad by Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani.
9. Chincholi Bunder Road or Chincholi Village is the oldest inhabitants of Malad since 1845 and has traditionally housed the fisherman (Koli community).
10. Many legacy buildings in Mumbai were built with Malad stone between 1860 and 1930, famous among them are Bombay House and the Western Railway building at Churchgate.
11. Malad is now home to Mindspace, the biggest opportunity land in Mumbai for jobs and dreams have come true of hundreds of youngsters seeking jobs in Mumbai.

Interesting things and unknown facts about Kandivali

1. Kandivali West is an extension of Link road, the main road running through the Mumbai city and is easily accessible from other areas of the city.
2. The Kandivali railway station was constructed more than 100 years ago in 1907, then well-known as Khandolee
3. Raghuleela Megamall, Growel’s 101 and Poisar Gymkhana are some of the preferred hangouts. There are several malls, movie theatres, eateries and cafes in Kandivali.
4. Two lines of Mumbai Metro(Line 2 and Line 7) will pass through the suburb once operational. Line 2 will pass through Link Road on the western part and Line 7 will pass through the main arterial Western Express highway.
5. There are many junior and degree colleges and educational institutes in the suburb. The Phoenix Archery Academy is also located on Highway on the eastern side of the suburb.and also has various schools such as St.Joseph’s High School, Dhanamal High School, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel School, Lokhandwala Foundation School, Gundecha Education Academy, Ryan International School(Kandivali), Oxford International School(Kandivali)
6. During the 1900s, the Fonsecas from Bandra migrated to Kandivali, they initially settled down to the east of Kandivali at Akurli and then moved to the west at Poisar.
7. Our Lady of Remedy Church was a Padroado East Indian Church constructed by Portuguese missionaries and the East Indians in 1550. It is a well-known church in Mumbai.
8. The oldest locality in the Kandivali area is Kandivali village which had 5 families, mostly Pachkalshi(such as Patil and Mhatre) in the 1800s. Kandivali village is one of the Oldest East Indian villages of Mumbai. It initially comprised of the East Indian Catholic but now there is a cosmopolitan crowd.
9. Our Lady of Remedy High School is one of the oldest schools in Kandivali West and was recognized in 1926. The land for the school was donated to the Our Lady of Remedy Church by Doctor Anthony Rebello on the occasion of the birth of his granddaughter Catherine Fonseca.
10. The pond located at Shankar Mandir, Kandivali is used for visarjan during Ganesh Chaturthi the most famous festival of Mumbai (The pond is now known as Young Star Krida Mandal Visarjan Talao).
11. The Mahindra & Mahindra plant inhabits a 63-acre (250,000 m2) built-up area and employs over 3,000. Industrial complexes such as Akurli Industrial Estate.

Interesting things and unknown facts about Andheri

1. The British have constructed the railways connecting Mumbai and Thane in 1853 itself, However, Andheri was not a part of it. In 1928, the Indian Railways, which was operated by the British, Built Andheri Station.
2. Andheri is one of the first Places in Mumbai and is among the busiest railway station of Mumbai. It carries more than 9 lacs, passengers, every day.
3. The Andheri railway station is among the best-located railway stations in the country and also on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway and the construction of the metro in the Versova-Andheri- Ghatkopar route is part of the government’s master transportation plan. It makes life super easy for Mumbaikars.
4. Till the end of the 19th century, most of Andheri had Parsi Zoroastrian populations, whose villages are still located in Chakala, Pumphouse, Marol, Saki Naka etc.
5. The international terminal of the city’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport is located near Sahar in Andheri east. There are two separate terminals operating domestic and international operations.
6 Andheri is the place for many famous film studios like Nataraj Studio, M&T Studio, Prakash Studio, Modern Studio and Mohan Studio between 1935 to 1980.
7. Andheri West is Home to largest number of Bollywood stars and television actors.
8.Andheri West has Lokhandwala market which attracts around 500 people from all around the world everyday.

Interesting things and unknown facts of Goregaon

1 Goregaon station was formerly called as pahadi Railway station. The name of the railway station was successively altered to avoid confusing it with Paradi, a railway station in South. On official records, the name of tehasil still seems as Pahadi Goregaon.
2 Goregaon railway station was constructed in the year 1862. Goregaon was one of the four railway stations between Borivali and Grant Road During the 1960’s.
3 It is one of the busiest railway stations in Mumbai and to battle the growing crowd, the Western railway has constructed another railway station between Goregaon and Jogeshwari. This New Station is known as Ram Mandir Railway Station.
4 Film City in Goregaon is the most famous film studio complex situated near Sanjay Gandhi National Park over 60% of Indian motion pictures, television serials and commercials are produced in Mumbai and Filmcity has to share of 30% of above work linked to film production.
5. Gokuldham High School & Jr. College in Goregaon East was started on July 2, 1983. Starting in a rented place with 3 students and 5 staff members, the school has developed into a multi-story structure with 3313 students and 200 staff members.
6 That Goregaon is called after a former resident of the area named Keshav Gore is a popular misconception. The name ‘Goregaon’ predates the Gores. However, the Gore husband and wife pair (Keshav and Mrinal), who were social activists, remain inspiring figures to local residents, even after death.
7. Oberoi Garden City is spread across 80 acres, next to Saibaba Complex. It comprises of Oberoi Mall, home to the second Starbucks coffee shop opened in Mumbai and also Westin Hotel and Offices. Many other beautiful residential and business towers are also developed in this area.
8 The prime location land in Goregaon, Mumbai owned by the Topiwala Desai family was occupied over by the Maharashtra government and given over to the Mumbai Housing Board during the 1950s. The BMC market near the Goregaon railway station is still known as Topiwala Market.       

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