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Rockstar Service Apartments Government approved safe and beautiful budget service apartments in Mumbai, Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali and Andheri.

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Owned by: ROCKSTAR Group of Companies


‘Rockstar Group of Companies’ is a private organization, Real Estate Investors from three generations.

Our primary operations are buying, selling and renting of real estate.

Our companies:

Rockstar Services
Rockstar Tourism and Events
Rockstar Service Apartments
Wadhwani Service Apartments
Rockstar Cars and Bikes

Legal profile of Rockstar Tourism and Events:

‘Rockstar Tourism’ is an award winning promoter of India tourism.

Rockstar Tourism is a tourism undertaking approved by Maharashtra Government, MAHARASHTRA TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION .

We take immense pride in glorifying our ‘City of Dreams’ Mumbai to guests from all over the world. ‘Rockstar Events’ is recognized by ‘Ministry of Tourism’ for promoting art and culture of ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’.

‘Rockstar Tourism and Events’ is our registered trademark with the ‘Trademarks Registry of Government of India’.  

Legal profile of Rockstar Service Apartments & Wadhwani Service Apartments

Service Apartments in Mumbai Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali, Andheri

Rockstar Service Apartments is registered with the CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ‘Udyog Aadhar Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises’ as ‘Accommodation Service providers’

Rockstar Service Apartments is a recognized tour operator for accommodations and travel by the ‘MINISTRY OF TOURISM’, Government of India.

‘Rockstar Service Apartments’ has a registration certificate of establishment from ‘BOMBAY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION’.

‘Rockstar Service Apartments’ is registered with ‘FOREIGN REGIONAL REGISTRATION OFFICE’, Bureau of Immigration, India for providing accommodation to foreign nationals.

‘Rockstar Service Apartments’ is our registered trademark with the ‘Trademarks Registry of Government of India’.

’Rockstar Service Apartments’ is a lawful income tax payer under the category of ‘Hospitality services and accommodation service providers’.

‘Wadhwani Service Apartments’ is our registered trademark with the ‘Trademarks Registry of Government of India’.

Award Winners  for the Best Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai

‘Rockstar Service apartments’ is Home to more than 500 professionals from leading corporates. We bring truth to the words ‘Home away from Home’ in the corporate world.

Legal profile of Rockstar Cars and Bikes:

‘Rockstar Cars and Bikes’ provides our guests with cars and bikes to explore ‘Magical Mumbai’ in the most economical and comfortable way.

Our guests are our family and we make sure that they have beautiful memories of Mumbai forever in their hearts.

‘Rockstar Cars and Bikes’ is our registered trademark with the ‘Trademarks Registry of Government of India’.

Legal profile of Sai Raksha private foundation:

SAI RAKSHA private foundation, a humanity passion of Nikki Wadhwani performs charitable, welfare and development activities. These activities are solely sponsored by Rockstar Services and does not accept donations. The funds for charity are raised from the profits of Rockstar services.

Nikki Wadhwani, the founder of Sai Raksha foundation is a social activist and is continuously putting efforts from more than a decade to improve the conditions of weaker sections of society.

Sai Raksha foundation is commited to uplift the rural areas by giving them a skill set in the tourism industry to improve their livelihood. Sai Raksha is an emotion of gratitude and love towards this amazingly dedicated and loyal part of our society – security guards who are awake and alert so that we can sleep peacefully in the city of Mumbai. It is our way of giving security to people who secure us. This is our contribution to humanity as our first religion. 

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Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai
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