Short Term Rentals in Mumbai

Rockstar Service Apartments was born with a dream to make a difference by providing beautiful budget service apartments in Mumbai at unbelievably reasonable rates.
We directly serve our guests without any middlemen; which results in the most economical, reliable, luxurious, and memorable stay.
With spacious rooms, pristine location, and fully furnished luxury apartments, we are specifically designed to cater to traveling business executives, internship students, professionals seeking jobs, expatriates as well as visiting families.
With plenty of business facilities, our service apartments are seen as a superior alternative to any short-term accommodations, both in price and services offered.
Each private service apartment will provide our guests with a comfortable home as they explore the many WONDERS OF MUMBAI.
We have been encouraged and rewarded with many delighted guests’ experiences.
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Budget Vacation Rentals in Mumbai

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short term rentals in Mumbai

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Vacation Rentals are safe and beautiful budget short term rentals in Mumbai which are approved by the government tourism department and are the best choice for tourists. It truly lives the saying of ‘HOME AWAY FROM HOME’

Renting an apartment in Mumbai can be a daunting task for several reasons–the primary one being there are so many ‘fine print’ and extra costs involved when signing an eleven-month “leave and license’ contract. On the other hand, short term rentals in Mumbai provide a hassle-free experience as there is no hidden cost, no brokerage, no deposit, and no lock-in period. The Loopholes: Length of Stay and Deposits.

 Be careful when signing long-term leases. If you are staying for a month or year, the serviced apartment may charge you for electricity. Most require a two-month deposit, and if you move out before your contract is finished you forfeit this deposit.

Mumbai contains inexpensive to exclusive apartments, but the best ones are the budget apartments found in the following regions of Mumbai:

 * Malad West

 * Kandivali West

 * Goregaon

 * Andheri

 The areas listed above are all within easy access to shopping, dining, entertainment, trains, metro trains, and expressways. If you choose to live in one of these areas, you will experience life in the center of Mumbai’s thriving business and shopping centers while indulging in a beautiful private service apartment in Mumbai. Facilities and Services of Typical Mumbai short term rentals

 However, before booking short term rentals, be sure to check if these services and facilities are available.

* Housekeeping (daily, alternate day, or once weekly)

 * Water/Utilities

 * Internet Usage

 * Electricity

 * Cable connection

Most short term rentals in Mumbai will have a washing machine and an iron in the apartments.

A Budget short term rental in Mumbai will start from 1500 Rs to 2000 Rs per day (Inclusive of taxes and services) and a Luxury service apartment will start from 5000 Rs to 10000 Rs per day. The location also has a large part to do with the cost of Mumbai short term rentals. If you are staying in an area in South Mumbai, your rent will be much higher. Conversely, staying in the Thane district, Mira road, or Navi Mumbai will lower your rent as these places are far away from the main city and will take 2 to 3 hours to commute to Mumbai city. Western Suburbs of Mumbai like Malad, Goregaon, Kandivali, and Andheri is the best balance of accessibility and budget as the location is in the center of the city with budget-friendly service apartments.

The short term rentals market in Mumbai is led by two groups, The Luxury service apartments, and the Budget service apartments. As the name suggests, the luxury apartments are expensive having services like hotels, and are a tough competition to hotels whereas Budget Service Apartments are ‘Value for money’ Home-like apartments with fully equipped kitchens truly living the saying of ‘HOME AWAY FROM HOME ‘. Most of them offer beautiful apartments and have a comfortable management of serving their guests like daily or alternate day housekeeping, Wi-Fi, cable, and a fully functional awesome kitchen. These apartments have a very straightforward rent policy with no hidden cost. However, kindly be attentive not to share your apartment with strangers for safety reasons. You can book the entire apartment for short term making sure you have a beautiful and safe Home on your vacation.

If you are still undecided whether to have a stay in Mumbai on your next trip, it was just recently announced that the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) plans to make Mumbai a “paradise” city. The article from the Mumbai news states the BMC will take steps to beautify the city and make it one of the best cities in the world. Now is the time to take your next vacation or business trip to Mumbai, as life couldn’t get any better in the CITY OF DREAMS!


Service apartments and short term rentals in Mumbai, both are fully furnished apartments with a functional kitchen. Although they belong to the same family, there is a slight difference. You can consider service apartments as a tree and short term rentals in Mumbai as a branch. Service apartments are available for both short term and long term whereas short term rentals are can be booked for a short period of time. Service apartments are the best option for working professionals and students whereas short term rentals are a preferred choice for tourists and corporates. 

Yes, it is the same. These apartments are license holders from the government for short term rentals. Both host guests for a short period of time. 

Guests will have entire apartments to themselves and not share with any other person. Short term rentals in Mumbai are not on sharing basis as it is unsafe to share apartments with strangers. The guests will have a Home-like apartment where they can feel at home with safety, comfort, privacy, and peace of mind.

Yes, the services in both short term rentals and service apartments are the same. The services include housekeeping, Wi-Fi, cable, AC, Fully functional kitchen. The rent of these apartments is inclusive of Wi-Fi, cable charges, gas, and electricity bill.

Absolutely yes. Short term rentals in Mumbai also known as vacation rentals are the most economical, comfortable and best option for tourists. Millions of tourists prefer short term rentals in Mumbai over hotels as they are safe, budget-friendly, and beautiful. Above all, you can cook your own meal in short term rentals making your trip healthy as you do not have to depend on restaurants for everyday meals.

No. These apartments cannot be booked for a few hours. 

The short term rentals in Mumbai can only be used for residential purposes. 

Since it is a short term rental, the owner is responsible for the maintenance cost of the apartments and their amenities. Also, the rent is all inclusive of electricity, cable, Wi-Fi, gas, and housekeeping service.

The guest has to send a copy of their valid government ID at the time of booking the apartment so that the owner can submit the ID to the relevant authorities.

Budget Service Apartments in Mumbai

Budget Service Apartments Government Approved



Mumbai is the Love of our Life and Tourism is the heart. We hereby, through our apartments take pride in showcasing the hospitality of Mumbai to tourists from all parts of India and foreign tourists. Please do not enquire for hourly basis or any commercial use, any illegal or immoral activity. We hereby make a humble request to help us keep our pride and reputation of Mumbai Tourism.

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