September 13, 2019

India is a diverse country. People from 8 great religions of the world coexist here in a harmonious manner. Numerous styles of architecture, dance, and music forms have made this country unique like no other. Its vast topography and varied physical features have also contributed to the diversity of this country.
India has a secular outlook. The constitution declares that everyone is free to profess, propagate and practice the religion at their own discretion. Our Country India treats all religions equally. That’s so Beautiful! Isn’t it?

India Tourism

UNITY IN DIVERSITY is the most important feature of our country.
This has made the country composite, rich and beautiful at the same time.

The number of historical monuments in India is so great that a single tour to discover our Incredible India is not enough.
These monuments will give the tourists an adorable glimpse into India’s rich heritage and culture. At the end of your tour, we are sure that you will develop love and respect for India’s past and pride for India’s present.

India Tourism

Since ancient times, many races and religions have visited India. Some of them were temporary while others were permanent. Thus leaving their imprints on the land of India. This led to the cultural synthesis of India.
People in India have so many different habits, rituals, customs, and lifestyles.
Thus, archaeologists called India ‘a land of great WONDERS and DIVERSITY’

Tourism is the most important industry for the Indian economy as it gets foreign currency into our economy uplifting the Indian villages which are beautiful tourist spots and gives opportunities to various sector people to earn money. We as Indians should try to get more and more money from foreign countries into our Indian economy through tourism hereby contributing towards the development of our country. It is also known as the PEACE industry.

India Tourism

TOURISM provides an impetus to the local economy. Not only big businesses like hotels and accommodations, transport providers and restaurants benefit from the tourists but also small businesses like vendors, hawkers, tea stalls, private cabs, guides, shops also make profits. Tourism provides employment and an opportunity to earn profits for all classes of society.
The tourism industry is the third-largest employment providing industry in the world. Our country India can miraculously prosper if the economy is growing by getting foreign currency in the country and circulate it amongst all classes of society and the developing cities, towns and also small villages which are unbelievably beautiful but with lesser opportunities. As it is famously known ‘ Sea is made with drops of water’ every small step towards the prosperity of our country counts.