August 14, 2019

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi is located about 270 kms from Mumbai, Maharashtra in India .Shirdi, the sacred land is called the Land of Sai. Long time ago, a young man (Shirdi Sai baba) with glittering eyes took shelter in a mosque, in Shirdi Village (of Maharshtra State, In India) . No one knew from where this visitor had come who barely spoke a word and stayed there.
Slowly the anxious villagers started offering food to the man, but he never asked anything from them. Occasionally he shared his food with the animals. Soon the fakir, as he was started to be addressed, started expressing his view points with few elderly villagers. His modest language of expression and his exceptional power of solving the problems of poor and needy soon made this young fakir, known as Shri Sai Baba. As time passed, devotees started flooding into Shirdi in ever growing numbers. The village was evolving as an epicenter of pilgrimage. Sai Baba’s life of a Fakir remained tranquil, untouched, peaceful and therein is the saint’s Spiritual glory.
Individuals also realised that this “Baba” was no regular person but a person with amazing godly powers. Such supremacy is not known or present in normal humans. Baba preached his belief of love and faith in humanity to all his disciples. Sai baba strongly believed in equality of religion and he never distinguished anyone on the basis of status, belief or religion. He always made sure not to return empty handed those who had come to him in their hour of suffering and grief. He performed miracles to end the suffering of the poor people.
Shirdi Sai baba after stunning the human kind with his miraculous spiritual power left his body on his own will on 15th Oct, 1918. His body was laid in the Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi which is one of the most famous religious places in India at present times. Devotees from all over the world visit Shirdi with faith and belief.
Sai Baba was Unique, he lived his message through the Essence of his teachings. His life and relationship with the common man cannot be explained in words. The magic of his spiritual power has to be felt and experienced. The enormous Energy that was evident in the body of Sai was moving and is still moving in a mysterious way, creating and recreating itself everywhere, beyond the grasp of time and space.
The miracles of Sai Baba created faith in the power of prayers and spirituality and made his devotees ethically and spiritually better evolved.
Amazingly, there are a remarkably large number of Occasions in which Sai Baba has been factually physically appearing before his devotees, even decades after he leaving his physical form. Sai Baba is alive in spirit and responds to our sincere prayers. Shridi Sai Baba is the One Spirit of all existence which is God in all the forms of God, in all the saints, in all the men and in all the living forms of life. All those who sincerely take to a life of inner development, Sai Baba lifts his devotees to a higher level. Every devotee derives benefit according to the purity of his soul .

Sai Baba secure his devotees by his saying “I am at Shirdi and I am everywhere. Whatsoever you do, where on earth you may be, always remember, that I am always aware of everything. Whenever my devotees will call me with faith, I will come to their rescue.” Sai baba taught his devotees the magical mantra ‘FAITH AND PATIENCE CAN DO MIRACLES IN LIFE’. Sai Baba does not belong to any single tradition or religion but to all mankind on the path of goodness, love and understanding

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