Why are Budget Service Apartments better than Hotels in Mumbai?

May 9, 2019
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The Budget service apartments industry in Mumbai has been continuously growing in the past years.

Budget service apartments are becoming a famous choice for leisure and business travelers in Mumbai. If you’re looking for a Home rather than just sleep in a room, Budget service apartments are the best accommodation solution.

Despite its popularity, at the determent to the hotels, Budget service apartments are still a novel idea for some guests. To simplify what I’m talking about here is a basic idea – a Budget service apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities and facilities. Sounds just like a hotel? Well, the differences are actually huge, the main of which is the sense of freedom, personal touch, privacy, tariff, the period of stay and facilities.

Service by name, service by nature… and most Budget service apartments offers 24-hour check-in check-out facility which eliminates the pressure of 12 noon check out the pressure on the guest and makes life easy for the guests. Budget service apartments have a 24-hour policy which makes one day from the time of check-in instead of calculating from 12 noon. This policy is not the only budget-friendly but also relaxing for the guest. Assisting guests with city travel and best guides for social arrangements, each Budget service apartment is truly a master of hospitality. Having perfect inside knowledge of the local area and its transport, home delivery services, malls and restaurants, these stress-busting Budget service apartments surely make your stay with them something unique.

Budget Service Apartment make you feel at HOME.

If you are a family traveling with children, having a fully equipped kitchen for milk and baby foods is just the perfect thing you require the most. The feeling of a home will make a child feel more happy and comfortable in a new atmosphere.

We mostly take for granted our home friendly environment; being able to sit back and relax. Budget service apartments wish to provide a home environment. Budget service apartments allow you to close the door, be yourself, relax and watch something on TV in your own Home-like service apartment, cook your favorite food in the kitchen. In Mumbai city after the working day has ended,  you need to be comfortable in your own environment and be able to enjoy your freedom.

The significant dissimilarity between hotels and Budget service apartments is the price. There is an immense notion that service apartments are costly in comparison to hotels and that they are only for the exclusive of society. Budget service apartments are 60% cheaper than a hotel plus guests services are offered by the service apartments.

The price for a one night stay in a  hotel is Rs.4000  and in a Budget service apartment, it is Rs.1500  to Rs.2000. So there is much of a substantial difference there, however, what does that money actually get you? The hotel bill will be for one bedroom and a bathroom. In comparison, the Budget service apartment price will be for the entire Homelike apartment (available for up to four people to stay,  And more fully equipped kitchen,  WIFI facility, not forgetting housekeeping services by trusted staff.

The more amazing difference in prices comes when bearing in mind your length of stay. If you plan to stay in a hotel within a temporary location for a few nights or even months it is vibrant to see how the price of a hotel stay may add up. Budget service apartments classically have flexible price ranges subject on the length of stay proving to be negotiable to fit budgets. Budget service apartments offer bike rental services at a reasonable charge for comfortable traveling in Mumbai. Budget Service apartments give guests the flexibility to live with peace and fun. You can cook for yourself, or you can order home delivery from your favorite restaurant. You choose.

Luxuries, such as the key to your private apartment and an abundantly furnished kitchen, cleaning, and laundry services are the most substantial advantages of staying in a Budget service apartment. The Budget service apartments also come with internet, Set up a box with all language channels, music system to spend a hobby time in Mumbai.

Budget service apartments became a hit with businessmen who traveled with their valued ones and the fact that they can cook their own meals rather than ordering room service is the most comforting thought. Even the best 7-star hotel rooms could feel uncomfortable with its official decoration, but Budget service apartments will make you feel all the convenience and comfort that makes you capable of relaxing especially after a stressful day. But more than that, Budget service apartments are more suitable and they are more easy for executives who will be more contented in their own space and more creative in their work.

Budget service apartments offer huge benefits that make them the most comfortable and economical way of stay in our city of dreams Mumbai. Enjoy the advantages  Budget service apartments offer as well as experience what it really feels like to have your own private apartment without spending a huge amount. Budget Service apartments admirably charge for the entire apartment (4 guests) whereas hotels charge per person. In terms of price, you actually get VALUE for your money and is typically more cost-effective than a hotel. Budget service apartments are definitely a better choice for an economical and unforgettable stay in Mumbai.

Budget Service apartments are ideal for both corporate travelers looking for freedom and flexibility. Unlike hotels, they provide a stress-free space to live, work and socialize in, with all the prerequisites to feel safe and comfortable. Budget Service apartment provides the ultimate base from which you can work and discover this wonderful city of dreams Mumbai

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