Serviced Apartments in MUMBAI booking Top 14 Tips

July 1, 2019

serviced apartments in Mumbai booking tips

1. Location, location, location. Just like in real estate find out which location is your service apartment, where you are going to be, and what is available around you. Is the bus, train, highway near the service apartment? Where are the shopping malls? How far is it to that place you want to visit? Remember when reading through the service apartment write-ups, not every service apartment is centrally located. Avoid Navi Mumbai, Thane unless you like traveling for hours. Well, you will find beautiful budget service apartments in Mumbai at prime locations such as Andheri, Goregaon, Malad, and Kandivali. These locations are in the heart of Mumbai which will make your travel easy and your vacation memorable.

2. Don’t be fooled by a name. Most of the service apartments in Mumbai use the words Grand,  Royal, Luxury, Executive in the name of the apartment so just because you booked a room at the Grand Executive Luxury service apartments does not mean the place will be royal, grand or any of the other words.

3. Ask your friends. If they have gone to Mumbai before and preferred a service apartment, ask them where they stayed and get a recommendation. This does not mean you have to stay in that particular service apartment but it should give you some ideas.

4. Shop around. The Internet is a wonderful place. Search budget service apartments in Mumbai on google and you will get a list of beautiful and budget-friendly service apartments. Pop in the name of the service apartment you want information on in Google, and you will see a myriad of info and a range of prices. Take good notes. Read actual reviews keeping in mind that reviews are the best way to not be manipulated. Know what you are getting into as most service apartment booking portals have a very strict review system and most people are more willing to write a negative report as opposed to a positive one.

5. Find a forum. There are many forums available on service apartments in general and service apartments in Mumbai specifically. Quora is one of the best forums. Most forums on service apartments will let you read the info without registering but if you want to post a question you will have to register. A good place to get very current information.

6. Is it near the action? Mumbai is famous for its nightlife and you may want to be close. Most nightlife is centered in western suburbs. Between Kandivali to Bandra, the areas are full of life and absolutely safe in the night time. So these are the areas you might prefer to make the reservations for your service apartment in Mumbai.

7.  What is included in the service apartment facilities? Free Wi-Fi? Free daily housekeeping? Free cable? Free newspaper? Free laundry? Check to see what is and what is not included.

8.  Is there a joiner fee in the service apartment? For the single guys who may bring back a guest for the evening, some service apartments charge ridiculous amounts of rupees for having a extra guest. Best to ask first, and then avoid any hassle.

9.  You get what you pay for. Don’t expect Marriott service at a flea bag. We all want value for money service apartment but if you go cheap don’t expect much. Look for a budget service apartment around INR 1500 – 2000 per night and you should be satisfied. Mumbai has different prices for different times of the year high and low season. Check the listed prices carefully.

10.  Have fun and smile. Remember you are in Mumbai the land of Dreams. Mumbai will teach you to make a lot of friends. If you have a problem, ask for the service apartment owner and explain it with calm words and a pleasant tone. I am sure the problem will be sorted in minutes.

11. Service apartments have huge discounts on direct bookings. Search for the service apartment on google and directly call them.

12. Mumbai has an airport in Andheri which is centrally located on the Western suburbs. If you have late night flights plan your service apartment between Kandivali to Bandra.

13. Don’t expect the service apartment staff to be fluent in your language. Most will speak Hindi  Marathi and English to a degree.

14. Last but not the least service apartments are a much better option in terms of facilities and prices than any hotel in Mumbai. So booking a service apartment will give you an experience and comfort of Home with the sense of freedom and privacy in the land of dreams MUMBAI.

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